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The Fate of CXCW

Couch By Couch West was born almost 6 years ago, birthed by a serendipitous inside joke on twitter that was taken way too seriously. Thank god for that. Back then twitter was a different beast. Hell the entire internet was a different beast. Nowadays most of us behind CXCW have quit twitter, for various reasons, and we’ve seen blogs come and go, bands come and go, the rise of genericana, the acceptance of wagon wheel as a legitimate cover (shudder). What was once a labor of love has now become a burden. The fact is we cannot sustain CXCW. We just aren’t feelin’ it. To move on further would be to do the festival “grudgingly”, and that just would not be fair to all of you folks out there, the ones who make CXCW what it is, the ones who make a single week in March the most fun week on the internet. We urge everyone who wants to continue the CXCW tradition to do so, make your videos, post them to youtube and facebook, tag them with #CXCW2016 share them on twitter. We are handing this DIY online festival over to you, the people. We trust you.

We have made lots of amazing friends, and seen ton after metric ton of sweet ass CXCW videos. We hope to see you in the electronic ether and until then, keep those cushions fluffy and clean side up.

Gretchen Peters – Blackbirds

Gretchen Peters has been one of our favorites here at CXCW since she blew us all away with her stunning festival closing performance of “Hello Cruel World” from the back of Tammy Wynette’s trailer at CXCW2012, our second year. Every year since she has returned and sent us incredible CXCW performances (including one from Stonehenge), and she doesn’t let us down this year either. With another absolutely stunning festival closing performance, the title track off her latest album, “Blackbirds”. Live from Royal Hall in Harrogate, UK, right after soundcheck.

Emi Sunshine – Carry Me Home / I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Emi Sunshine first blew us away with her rooster Tom Cruise at CXCW2013, back then she was eight-years-old, so that makes her 10 now (Happy Birthday by the way Emi, sorry we missed it). She then blew us away again at CXCW2014 with two original tunes, jumping around on her greatgrandma’s couch while Little Pig ran around it. We then started seeing things like Emi Sunshine appearing on The Today Show, and getting a standing ovation during her debut appearance on The Grand Ol’ Opry. Speaking of the Grand Ol’ Opry, that’s where Emi joins us from tonight, backstage at the Grand Ol’ Opry…maybe one of our coolest CXCW locations yet. She is joined by her Perfect Joy Revival band (Emi’s Brother John Hamilton on mandolin, Emi’s Dad, Big Diddy Randall Hamilton on bass, Uncle Bobby Hill on Drums, and Lucas Garner on banjo), her BFF Kayla, and the “Empress of Appalachian Rock And Roll” Chelle Rose. Here she is, from Madisonville, Tennessee, playing live from the backstage of the Grand Ol’ Opry….Emi Sunshine!

Emi sent us another video saying she had so much fun with the other one. Here she is joined again by her BFF Kayla as they head South East back to Madisonville, I’m guessing. Here she is with an outstanding performance of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” from the rear view mirror. We hope this is not Emi’s way of saying she is putting CXCW behind her! Please don’t forget us on your way up Emi!

Emi Sunshine on Reverbnation
Emi Sunshine on Facebook

The Farwells (formerly The Josies) – Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road

Making their debut as a band are The Josies The Farwells, a duo featuring Debra Clifford and Becca Wintle. Debra also performs in The Lonesome Sisters and in Old Buck (with fellow CXCWer Riley Baugus). Here they perform a beautiful rendition of the traditional tune “Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road” on one of the nicest and most perfectly staged couches I believe we have ever seen at CXCW. They tell us:

The Farwells is a new duo with Debra Clifford (of the Lonesome Sisters and Old Buck) and Becca Wintle. Here they sing the traditional song, “Look up, Look Down.” A new Farwells CD is in the works for summer 2015. Join The Farwells on Facebook below. Note: Omie Wise graciously let them borrow her couch for CXCW, although you’ll see she splits as soon as the dang music starts.

Official Website
The Farwells on Facebook
Lonesome Sisters
Old Buck

Two Cow Garage – In the Movies

Late to CXCW after Todd Farrell was deemed this year’s official cover model, Todd and Two Cow Garage send us “In the Movies” from a bathroom, the acoustics lending added wonder to the quartet’s joyous harmonies.

#CXCW Trivia: TCG’s Shane and I attended the same Ohio elementary school.

Todd Farrell, Jr. and the Dirty Birds on Facebook
Two Cow Garage on Facebook

Dots Will Echo – Clouds are Breaking

You are a brave man, Mr Nick Berry aka Dots Will Echo. The thirty years I spent in Chicago have obviously left me cause if it gets below 50, I don’t want to go outside. Anyway, I have never heard of Dots Will Echo until today, but I really dig this. Looks like he/they put out a 19 song record on Asthmatic Kitty in 2012 called Drunk Is The New Sober / Stupid Is The New Dumb (perfect title).

Dots Will Echo
Dots Will Echo facebook
Dots Will Echo facebook numero dos

Phil Norman and Friends – Insomniac (Billy Pilgrim cover)

After six years, TV show Glee recently ended its run. Thank goodness for Phil Norman (Blue Moonshine) and Friends rekindling the flames and giving us a rundown of the last 20 years of music’s lowlights. From Backstreet Boys to Creed to bro-country, Norman and his college choir pals nail every trope on their heart string-tugging cover of Billy Pilgrim’s “Insomniac” while reuniting this weekend in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

You can search the YouTube to find an a cappella recording of the band (Ow!) doing the song back in 2008 sans goat sounds and awkward pillow hugging. Note: Ow! predated the 2009 premiere of Glee.
Blue Moonshine on Facebook

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