A Rake and the Rosebud – A Good Man is Hard To Find

When we first heard the title of this song we expected it to be a murder ballad. Turns out we were right on. A Rake and the Rosebud are currently recording an album in Florence with Jay Burgess of The Pollies.

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A Rake and the Rosebud – A Good Man is Hard To Find — 24 Comments

  1. good lord woman… that was something else.. “Muddy waters cover up a multitude of sins…” don’t know if id rather have you kiss me or pull a sawed off on me… most likely both, repeated as necessary…

  2. So I sent him to the bottom for the debt that he was it. 🙂 thank you! Just listen to your tunes! Loved it! Really liked “Shoes.”

  3. Thanks! Feel free to download the cd for free. Just choose Buy Now and put ‘0’ in the price. Will be on the lookout for some more of your stuff as soon as i finish work

  4. Thanks CB! I wrote it for you! Fun fact: Caroline (my big sis) gave me a challenge to write a song including whiskey, .306, man killing, and rain. I threw in meth and Mississipi for fun and originally submitted it to Austin’s songwriterweekly.com for the phrase “I could have stayed” songwriting challenge.

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