A Rake and The Rosebud – Until Love Dies

A Rake and The Rosebud (Mamie Lew Foreman and Ethan Gardiner) from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, perform a sweet duet called Until Love Dies. They are currently in a little town called Austin, TX. Love the wink!



A Rake and The Rosebud – Until Love Dies — 12 Comments

  1. Y’all are amazing! What a beautiful song, could listen to it over and over again!

  2. What up guys, just seen y’all on YouTube and I said I know them!! How is life outta Texas? We would love to have y’all back at Thanksgiving next year.. great job! Check out my vids on here and give me some feedback. Until we hang again..safe travels.


  3. What a great song. I love the lyrics as well as the melody! The two of you play and sing together with real devotion!

  4. Hey thanks everyone for all the likes and comments. Everything about this has been a blast. Mamie and I really appreciate it.

  5. Absolutely beautiful, guys. I think my staff would grow tired of hearing it all the time if they didn’t love it too!!

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