Accordion Van Dan – Constructive Summer (Hold Steady cover) / Walking Dead Theme Song

I don’t know about the other CXCW staffers, but I am a sucker for some sweet accordion, so I was happy to see Accordion Van Dan pop up in the submissions box. Dan tells us, “I play with a variety band that tours the central-Ohio region retirement communities. The repertory includes polkas, waltzes, Cajun, klezmer, musette, enka and Johnny Cash. That’s the route 161 Happy Wanderers.”

“I play solo under the sobriquet Accordion Van Dan. I’m likely to do Hold Steady covers and other songs that wouldn’t mean much to the seniors, in addition to the above-mentioned genres. I especially enjoy singing foreign languages.”

About his “Constructive Summer” cover, Dan says, “That song was the first Hold Steady song I ever heard, and they have become my favorite rock and roll band. They’re pretty much the only group I’ve driven 100 miles to see.”

And about his cheeky original “Walking Dead Theme Song,” he says, “I wrote it for a monthly challenge with the Columbus Songwriters Association – it seems to be a keeper. If you’re very young and never watched TV from back in the day, know that many of the old shows had an opening song that explained key plot points to the viewer. This song only covers season one, so I could cover the other seasons when I want a longer song.” Planning ahead! That’s something we at CXCW HQ aren’t that familiar with, but we admire others who do it.
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