Andy Getch – On A Winter Summer Day / Your Own 7-Eleven

And Getch of Fort Myers, Florida, says:

I’ve never been to Austin but I have seen it on TV. The song “On A Winter Summer Day” was written during February Album Writing Month (FAWM) in memory of Randy Christopher, a fellow songwriter, and heavily influenced by the band, Big Star. The second song, “Your Own 7-Eleven,” was inspired by a postcard I received in the mail. In keeping with the spirit of the festival, this video was filmed on an iPhone in my backyard, with wind, crickets, birds, trucks, air conditioners and airplanes adding to the symphony of my voice and completely unplugged Baby Taylor. No fussin’ with mixing, adding tracks, levels, etc. I found out about this festival from a post by FAWM friend, Mike Skliar. I hope you like it!

“No fussin’!” Love it!

“On A Winter Summer Day”

“Your Own 7-Eleven”

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