Atlantica Vox – The Signal Fades

Maximum riffage from Atlantica Vox. The working name of singer/songwriter Kyle Fiske, Atlantica Vox plugs in near his couch in Rockport, Massachusetts.

Updating classic New Wave and post-punk sounds “for the new century,” Kyle wrote “The Signal Fades” this week especially for CXCW. Thank you!!!
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Atlantica Vox – The Signal Fades — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for putting me in your great festival, guys!!

    Why did I make this video so dark? Well, it was partly an artistic choice, as I thought it would look kind of cool. But mostly, after looking at a lot of other artists here, it was to hide my shameful lack of beard. Thanks for listening!

  2. Finally a little rock and roll! I was beginning to think the whole world was indie and hipster…or is that the same thing..idk
    . I was getting a little sleepy…yawn…. I like it.

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