Best Lo-Fi Video – Michael Rank and Stag

11 Best Lo Fi

Greater than ninety-five percent of the videos that we receive are made with a simple handheld camera. Most of us do not have mad editing skillz. This award is for our favorite lo-fi video. No editing here my friends! The winner is Michael Rank and Stag for what looks like an iPhone video from the back of a moving truck. Very cool!

Runners Up: Manitoba Rock N Rolla who told us that they used medical tape to hold their Kindle inside of their moving car, Huke Green bravely propping up his phone in the port-o-crapper, Not An Airplane with a GoPro camera on his guitar’s headstock (We’re actually surprised more people didn’t think of this technique).


Best Lo-Fi Video – Michael Rank and Stag — 2 Comments

  1. Runner up…we’ll take it. haha. Thanks guys. We loved doing this and we’ll give it a go again next year for sure.

    Tony C
    Manitoba Rock n Rolla

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