Best Song with a Message – John Radcliff

17 Song with Message

This year at CXCW we received several videos of original songs dealing with important issues, be it a political issue, a natural disaster, self-harm, or the man keeping the little guy down. All of the songs were wonderful, but we felt like the best one was by John Radcliff discussing a recent chemical spill into a river near his home in West Virginia, thus poisoning of the water supply in Charleston. Based on today’s pop music some people may say that protest or activist music is dead, but we know that music with meaning is alive and well at CXCW.

Runners Up/Other important songs with messages:
Ned Van Go – Mountain Top Removal
Charlie and the Regrets – The Company Song (Tax Loopholes)
Biff Slater – Calling My Name (Suicide Prevention)
JG Stott – After the Flood (Colorado Flooding in Fall 2013)
Jonathan Foster – Two Wheels (Suicide Prevention)
Jessie Jones – Mommy Needs a Break (Care-giving to the sick and elderly)
Austin Mayse – Bottomless Bottle Full of Whiskey (Messed Up Priorities of Society)
Brian Roessler – Home Again (Treatment of Returning Military Members)


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