Big Blue Button Award (People’s Choice)

Josie Little wins the Big Blue Button award for the second year in a row edging out Uncle Leon’s “Beer Train” by almost 150 votes proving that talent, tenacity, savvy marketing, a great personality, and a well chosen camera angle will beat out anyone’s thirst for beer every time. We love you Josie, and remember if you win a third year you will receive half of a crocheted sports-bra from Popa2unes (tell him we sent you).


Runner Up: Uncle Leon “Beer Train”


Big Blue Button Award (People’s Choice) — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks friends! That ain’t gonna hold nothin’ up! Still want that half crocheted sports bra though. Must start practicing now for next year. All kidding aside CXCW was so good this year. I wanna share this award with everyone. Thanks for a great time and the many new friends that have been made in the process.

  2. Congratulations, Josie!

    And look out: You may have talent, tenacity, marketing and personality. But next year, I’m showing my boobs.

    Consider yourselves warned.

  3. Josie is absolutely amazing! Voice and personality! I’m always showing my co-workers and friends in South Dakota/Kentucky everything she uploads and they all agree! Congrats Josie, pu truly are awesome!

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  5. No one is more deserving. Josie is such a beautiful person and that voice is so special to me. No matter where I am or what I am doing hearing her makes me feel at home again. I love you, Jos. Congratulations! Thank you for always being you. 🙂

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