Blaine Duncan & The Lookers – Norwood & Trey

Blaine’s video was almost lost to the netherworld of the CXCW submission page but we retrieved it for your viewing enjoyment. We’re not sure who Hayden is, but he seems like a fun guy to hang out with. Here’s the band’s explanation of the song:

This is what happens when Charles Portis’s fictional Norwood meets the almost fictional Trey. It’s a song of dishonesty, distrust, discouragement, disloyalty, disillusion, and near dismemberment. Blaine Duncan & the Lookers still create peculiar songs that have the heritage of folk, the attitude of rock, and the voicing of the country music graveyard. The songs are tall tales with themes and layers of complexity wrapped in simple music. Added occasional dashes of sonic disturbance often reserved for an indie genre rounds out the Lookers’ sound.

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Blaine Duncan & The Lookers – Norwood & Trey — 3 Comments

  1. We’re still not too sure who Hayden is! It’s like an episode of ‘True Detective’!

  2. Pretty sure Hayden is a member of the band who evidently isn’t exactly in the video.

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