Bottle Cap Rockets – Boom Boom / Straight to Hell

Garden State veterans Bottle Cap Rockets return for a third year with their rockabilly Gretsch sound. Gone are the matching outfits, but we are glad to see the decor hasn’t changed since last year!

“Boom Boom”

“Straight to Hell”
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Bottle Cap Rockets – Boom Boom / Straight to Hell — 22 Comments

  1. Just love these guys. That’s what Rock and Roll’s all about. Sometimes I worry production and digital perfection in gonna kill Rock and then I see something like this! Thanks!

  2. Three-piece rockabilly awesomeness. I love these guys! They put real tomatoes in their catsup! Great sound… Authentic!

  3. Al and the boys have one of the tightest sounds around, and their music is all original! They work hard, play hard and love what they do, and it shows in every song they make. This is genuine, old-fashioned quality music at its very best and every track satisfies! Way to go, guys! \o/

  4. Amazing musicians -great guys ..I wish them the best of luck- they deserve it!

  5. Boom!! Bottle Cap Rockets are the coolest! What a way to stqrt my day! I’m going to be singing there songs all day!

  6. Boom Boom and Straight to Hell – 2 really GREAT songs!! Can’t wait to hear more! If you ever head out west, come to Denver!

  7. fantastic band guys… Brilliant musicians, nice tight sound and great songs. I hope you go very far with it.

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