Bushwick Showcase: Aron Blue – Cheap Lease Blues

Last year Aron Blue held a CXCW recording party with her and her musical friends in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC. She informs us that she lost the lease to that cheap loft (but not without a fight) and has relocated to a new place in Bushwick, and lucky for us she has hosted another CXCW recording party, which we are dubbing the Bushwick Showcase. Here Aron tells us the details of the ordeal that lead to her having to move out of her last place.

Last year Aron won the finest couch award which led her to be contacted by a concert promotion site called Live From Your Living Room who sets up living room concerts in NYC. She and her band The Bootleggers hosted a concert from her living room. Aron also informs us that The Bootleggers have bought a tour van and are going to be heading south this summer, and to never talk to cops.

Aron Blue and The Bootleggers on Facebook

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