Bushwick Showcase: Kate Vargas – Call Back the Dogs

Kata Vargas returns to CXCW from Aron Blue’s new apartment in Bushwick for this lovely, lovely performance of “Call Back the Dogs.” Last year Kate blew us away, and this year she does much the same. Enjoy the performance!

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Bushwick Showcase: Kate Vargas – Call Back the Dogs — 18 Comments

  1. Great lyrics and catchy guitar riffing…alluring smokey vocals…..But what really got me is Kate’s delivery. First off, Yeah it doesn’t hurt that Kate is stunning. But the combination of her facial expressions and mannerisms+ phrasing make this top shelf. Love it 🙂
    ….Think I’ll watch it a few more times. I already looked on fb. Will search for reverberation page or any other sites that ! can like or fan.

  2. Kate Vargas is the real deal. Love her sound and style! Keep your eye on her…she is crazy talented!

  3. Al Gross – You are wonderful. Thank you.
    The links to my website, Facebook, and Twitter are just below the video. Basically everything is KateVargasMusic! YouTube, Instagram, Vine, as well! I try to cover all the bases 🙂

  4. Love this song! Kate is an amazing talent. Her voice is so original, her song writing is original thought – her album is full of thoughtful lyrics.

  5. If you were wondering what the love child of Tom Waits and Nina Simone might sound like…look no further. If the sound of Kate’s voice alone doesn’t impress you then surely the lyrical journey she takes you on will leave you ‘calling back the dogs’ and playing it on repeat. This is desert hot soul folk at its very best.

  6. That voice is awesome, checked out your sight, You’re gonna remember, really nice bittersweet song, that for some reason makes me want to write a response song to/for. I will be checking out more for sure.

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