Charlie and the Regrets – The Company Song / Ease Away

Charlie Harrison of Houston, Texas, came to us on his lonesome from his porch last year, and we’re stoked to be the initial tour stop for his new band The Regrets this year. They kick us off with the rolling “The Company Song,” which Charlie notes is “about tax loopholes because I am sure kids are tired of sex and drugs.” Then they ease us out with “Ease Away,” “about sex and drugs in case the tax thing doesn’t work out.” Make sure to watch the “Company Song” video to the very end to see the “outtakes.” “Couch by Couchwest is hard.”

“The Company Song”

“Ease Away”

CXCW 2013: Don’t Know Why, Prison Radio


Charlie and the Regrets – The Company Song / Ease Away — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the comments-

    Samuel- hope to catch you as well, I see you are on the road, got any shows lined up here?



  2. “Company Song” is a fantastic song. Love the slide guitar, and the video “effects.” Great job guys.

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