Clancy Jones – Found My Way

One of the best things about CXCW is watching artists grow. The first year Clancy submitted, the film work was horrible and he might have had a beer (or three). Last year was a great improvement, though the videos are gone so we have no proof of either. This year brings a confident, buff Clancy with cool shades. We can only imagine what the next year has in store for Clancy!

“Found My Way”

“Love the Drugs”


Clancy Jones – Found My Way — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks Stephen. I would love to join you guys on lovely Thursday afternoon.

  2. BUFF Clancy hahaha. Ive heard these awesome songs before somewhere on a beach with this dude named Samuel.

  3. Thank you Amy, that’s a great compliment! I’m gonna keep on putting them out there for the people that listen. Cheers!

  4. I love good, beer drinking, quality music. What I just heard fit the bill. Great stuff Clancy. Chase your dream. I will continue to listen and enjoy.

  5. Great songs! I barely recognized you with your hair shorter and combed back. Can’t miss your awesome sleeve though. I want to hear you at the Old Quarter again!

  6. Thanks Coach Mac! I will continue to do that. Thanks Deb! I moved to Austin so I may be in town in April, and if I am in Galveston I’ll shoot over to the old quarter for some songs. Thanks for the support.

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