Couch Collection

Breakfast@LeapingPenguin in Katy, Texas, made some damn fine looking breakfast tacos.


GracieGracie in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is exhausted after a long video shoot with Pointer’s Crossing. C’est un belle chien!.


AlGrossAl Gross enjoys CxCW at lunch while in the office while his trusty “John Lennon” cut-out watches to make sure he doesn’t change the website. Al is part of the Bottle Cap Rockets who’s video appeared at CXCW on March 11.


BFRYWUACMAAAaMu@ToddFarrellJr doesn’t know how to make tacos, so he just made some grilled ham and cheese sammies.


ARake@ARakeTheRosebud spent Taco Tuesday at Curra;s in Austin. They performed a murder ballad at CXCW today.


FalstaffFalstaff is a member of the TimLee3 crew. Falstaff is also passed out in TimLee3’s video from March 12.

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