Couch Me, Maybe


@BillsvilleHouse notes that #meerkat is all the rage at @couchxcouchwest. LOL! Nice couch. Mooo.



@ImperialRooster said, “Showed up to band practice and found out the washtub got a makeover! #tacos #CXCW2015 #cxcw”



Our buddy @GabeWooton throws a raging after party. #CXCW2015



Our hero @DrewsterCooke “played so damn hard warming up for @couchxcouchwest last night that screw shot out my resonator. I gets nasty on it !” #NobodyNow


Alabastards 2

Cool photo from @TheAlabastards. They live-tweeted their video shoot. That video premiers today!


TooMuch Haiku 5



@readershipmusic says (in regards to their video “Castaways” posted Friday) “Wilson died in the snow. I only have this bag of potatoes to love now. They’re russets! #CXCW2015”

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