Couch ‘Round Here

TooMuch Haiku 4


Rooster Instruments

@imperialrooster dusts off their instruments before their video shoot.



Maddie Grace Kirkland warms up before shooting her video (@maggiesfavorite)


Jay Stott Pic

Jay Stott enjoys Andy-N’a-Rose and the Temple of Tunes when he should be working. @jgstott



@annietuff enjoys Taco Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Everyday #CXCWtaco


Bruised Bananas

Samuel Barker and the Bruised Bananas get ready to shoot their video. That green hooch looks evil. @sam6025 @621Ian @butters12699


Yuma Taco

Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray once again show us taco minions how it’s done. #CXCWtaco

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