David Olney – Big Blue Hole

David Olney – the much-covered, always-touring singer-songwriter – is skipping Austin this year in favor of Southern California tour dates, but takes time to stop by the 5th Annual CouchXCouchWest online #CXCW2015 Festival to share the heavy-grinding “Big Blue Hole” (available on the new When The Deal Goes Down album on Deadbeet Records), where he exhumes Amy Winehouse, James Dean, Genghis Kahn, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John and many others. Having co-written this song with the prolific John Hadley, David ponders, “Where do you go when you die? A Big Blue Hole sounds pretty good to me.” David’s deep catalog of recordings are available at: http://www.DavidOlney.com, Amazon.com, iTunes.com and other fine retailers. Subscribe to David Olney’s YouTube channel to get the free, weekly “You Never Know” Songwriter Series streamcast where David shares a song, the story behind it and other things on his mind — Posted every Tuesday. #YouNeverKnow #WhenTheDealGoesDown #DeeperWell

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