David Olney – Saturday Night & Sunday Morning

Renowned Nashville singer-songwriter David Olney makes time for a CXCW performance on his way to that other music festival we have heard is taking place this week. David tells us that this “non-rhyming song” is available on his album Eye of The Storm, and Steve Earle tells us that this is one of the most perfect songs he’s ever heard. Check out David’s website for all the projects he is working on including his latest full length Predicting the Past, and Body of Evidence 3-disc thematic box set. If you are interested in David’s music or just like great stories, be sure to check out his YouTube Channel for his “You Never Know” weekly web series (posted every Tuesday).

David Olney on Facebook
David Olney on YouTube


David Olney – Saturday Night & Sunday Morning — 6 Comments

  1. Had not heard this one of his before; love his work. Thanks to Emily from The Lonely Hands for directing me here.

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