David Ray Skinner – Belly of A UFO

Have to say I love everything about this video, and there’s no way I can intro it better than David:

I grew up in Nashville writing songs, but I moved to New York in the late ’70s to art direct Record World magazine. In the mid-’80s I left NYC for Georgia and a somewhat slower pace. Not too long after I settled in Atlanta, one afternoon when I was standing in line in a grocery story, I saw the front page of a tabloid. The main headline read: “2-Headed Woman Is Pregnant (…but one head wants the child—the other says ‘absolutely not!).” As strange as that seemed, it was the smaller head at the top of the tabloid, however, that caught my attention: “Confederate Flag Spotted on Belly of UFO.” I was very amused…the ramifications were stupendous! I had always known that the rebel flag had stars and bars, but apparently some aliens thought it also had spots! So, I made a mental note to write a song from the vantage point of a hapless Confederate alien that was left behind. Unfortunately, I did not buy a copy of the paper, and through the years, I wondered if I had actually hallucinated it…I mean, if aliens were on the side of the Confederates, why weren’t there any rebel ray-guns at Gettysburg? Finally, through the miracle of the constantly-evolving internet, I was able to find the issue and write the song, “Belly of a UFO”.


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