Derek Evry – Try Not To Hate Me

Live from the desert off Hwy 62 in Blythe, California, here’s Derek Evry performing “Try Not To Hate Me.” Derek provides us with this bio:

Derek Evry is an alt/pop rock songwriter from Arlington, Virginia. Derek has been writing and performing his original music since 1999. He is currently on tour this Spring (2014) with Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray, promoting the upcoming release of his new EP “Down To The Wire”, which is due out in June 2014, and is the follow up to his 2012 release, “Here’s To Better Misery.” (Available on iTunes)

Derek’s music has been featured on the ABC Crime Drama “Castle”, and his singles “Donor Body Parts”, “We’re Not”, “Wait For You”, “When We Get Home”, & his holiday song “Hey! Ho! Let It Snow!” have been in regular rotation on DC101 (101.1 FM D.C.).

“The album is a great rock-and-roll romp. But maybe even more impressive is the real and organic feeling of the collection. It seems that Evry didn’t overthink anything, instead going with what he felt at the moment. And that was good-old, loud rock-and-roll.” -Moira E. McLaughlin (Washington Post)

You can see Derek Evry & His Band of Misanthropes perform at various venues & events in the DC Area, and all over the country! More information on those dates at


Derek Evry – Try Not To Hate Me — 5 Comments

  1. Fantastic Derek. Listening to that poetic nonsense from Paul Simon paid off! And cool to enjoy Ben Tufts’ talents out from behind the drum kit. Rumor has it he plays a mean mandolin as well.

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