Dogs rule at CXCW

@josielittle: Stu from Kentucky says he’s ready to see some teets. I tried to tell him this wasn’t Mardi Gras but he didn’t care.

@utchuckd: This is McGee from Tennessee. He’s named after Travis McGee from the John D. MacDonald books.

@thejujuqueen: T-Bone fixin’ vittles. (from an undisclosed location)

@TheOtherBrit: Abby in Atlanta, Georgia, is enjoying CXCW from her favorite chair.

@Judester: the dynamic duo, Janet & Ted from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, are all about #cxcw.

@BrewHouse44 After daylight savings, praying for our souls & going for a hike, Otis from Maryland is not the best #CXCW2012 partner.


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