Don Von Tress – Man In The Sky

Here’s an original song by Muscle Shoals songwriter Don Von Tress. He is accompanied by Shoals musicians Jay Burgess (The Pollies), Kelvin Holly (Pegi Young, Little Richard) and Kevin Reed (An Abstract Theory).

We grilled his son to get a little work history out of him:

Don started hanging around the Muscle Shoals scene in 1980, meeting and becoming friends with David Hood, Barry Beckett and his mentor, songwriter Ava Aldridge. In 1981 he became a staff writer for Cactus Publishing and began singing demos for himself as well as other writers at Cactus Studio, Broadway and Muscle Shoals Sound. In 1984 he began cutting a record at Muscle Shoals Sound in hopes of landing a record deal, but that never came to be. He then migrated to Nashville and became a staff writer at the famed Music Mill on Music Row. In 1992 his song “Achy Breaky Heart” broke quite a few chart records. Afterwards he toured with Billy Ray Cyrus for seven years as a guitarist and continued writing. Recently he has recorded tunes with fellow Muscle Shoals musicians David Hood, Kelvin Holly, Mike Dillon Currington and N.C. Thurman.

Award Ribbon Small 2014 Award Winner – Big Blue Button/People’s Choice Award



Don Von Tress – Man In The Sky — 34 Comments

  1. It is soooooooooo wonderful to hear your dad singing again!! tell him to keep it up and we are waiting for his next CD 🙂

  2. Don Von Tress, I am so happy to hear you singing again. I been missing you. Any new albums out if so how to I get them, same as I use to or new address. WOW, you the man.

  3. Thanks, Jamie. I’ll pass that along to Pop. I really like your submission too. A very fine tribute!

  4. Don that was so nice to hear you singing again. If you have a new cd out how could I get one.

  5. Great job Pa Don! I love you! You’re gonna win and I’m gonna make sure of it!!! I love you so much!

  6. I apologize. I meant David Hood. I remember reading an article Patterson Hood wrote about growing up around the Muscle Shoals scene. Glad to be able to hear a little bit of that straight from the man himself.

  7. Thanks for the Good song, Don! Been a while since i’ve heard from you! Do u still grow cucumbers? Make pickles?

  8. Hey Don!

    So good to see and hear you! Love the song. The words are sooo good. Hope your life is going well. We speak of you often.

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  10. Wow Really have missed you. Love to see you sing it live. Let us know where and when. We’ll try to be there

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