Drew Cooke – Cold Man (Acoustic)

We’re gonna pull back the CXCW curtain a bit and explain this one. Drew Cooke may not know this, but he has always been a huge part of CXCW. Since the very beginning, the original 4 organizers have used Drew’s Cold Man video as a palette cleanser. You see we watch a lot of videos during the week of CXCW, and sometimes we need to reframe our minds for the next video. This is the purpose of “Cold Man,” as once it’s heard it sticks to your ears like roast beef sticks to your ribs. The next thing you know you find yourself smiling and singing WHO’S COLD NOW!…….NOBODY NOW, NOBODY NOW!.

We have to thank Drew for doing this acoustic version of cold man for us this year, it feels like a culmination of 5 years! Thank you Drew.



And the OG


Drew Cooke – Cold Man (Acoustic) — 2 Comments

  1. These kind words above blew my mind. Couch by Couchwest rules, can’t wait to make something great for next year!

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