Dutch Cassidy and the Huckleberry Jam Band – I Love You, Goodbye

Well, this is an interesting story/video/etc. I don’t feel like explaining the whole thing, so I am just gonna do a little copy and pasting. Per Tim Echols:

Tim Echols wrote these lyrics as a song on the FAWM (February Album Writing Month) and he was approached by J Olav van der Spree, also known as Dutch Cassidy, about whether he would like him to realize song. Tim said OK, not expecting too much. When Cassidy sent his version of the song, he was floored, and listened to it again and again. And so the idea was born to share the song on CXCW. The video is a mock-up of playing together from across the world, Dutch in Amsterdam, the other players in Montana. In fact, Dutch recorded his video and the rest was added, but both are recorded live.

Tsunami Daily on Soundcloud
Dutch Cassidy on Soundcloud

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