Matt Woods – Angel (Sarah McLachlan cover)

Everyone’s favorite Matt Woods took a break from his grueling tour schedule to record this song for us in Canton, Ohio. Don’t worry, no dogs were put to sleep and no one’s asking for money. Drummer Larry is pretty impressive on that coffee can. Matt has a new album that just went up for pre-order. We promise not everything he sings sounds like PETA commercials!
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Matt Woods – Angel (Sarah McLachlan cover) — 4 Comments

  1. That’s one good dude right there! Much love and respect for Mr. Matt Woods.

  2. ha ha hells yeah! I actually love this whole record… should I not admit that? Matt! When you doin’ Adia?? See you in a couple months, buddy. keep playin’ that sensitive shit.

  3. Matt never lets me down when he plays. He’s amazing. Love this

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