Eyes Like Birds – Hands Up

On the night “Hands Up” was born, the intention was only to write a song. That it became a political thing, well, that just happened. We were incredibly moved by the events in Ferguson and the national conversation that followed and continues. In our writing session, Emily brought up Tyler Reinhard’s post-Ferguson article, “Hey, Step Back With the Riot Shaming,” which inspired the chorus of our tune.

We found ourselves stepping back after writing this song saying, “is it our place?” But maybe that’s the problem. Empathy is everyone’s place. It’s a human gift that is underused and misconstrued as weakness; so we are doing our best to employ it with strength. We are sharing this world and any blow to a single part of our culture can be felt through the ripples by the many humans still lucky enough to be breathing on this earth. Thank you for listening, reading, thinking and feeling.

Tyler Reinhard’s (@abolishme on Twitter) article: http://www.maskmagazine.com/the-substance-issue/struggle/step-back-with-the-riot-shaming



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