Ford Theatre Reunion – Bone Mother

Ford Theatre Reunion recorded this video on an unusually warm February day on the front porch while traveling the fine state of Tennessee. Although PBR is pictured in the video, the beer of the day was most certainly Busch. The phrase of the day was “Flaunt your Busch”….

…About the Band…
The Ford Theatre Reunion has been on a quest to return sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll to the circus since 2008. Despite the unusual instrumentation, challenging song arrangements, and fanciful dress, even the casual observer will recognize what FTR’s main purpose is: to fuck shit up. Let no one say the accordion cannot devastate buildings and earlobes. Let no one say the clarinet cannot be scary. The Ford Theatre Reunion. We are here to eat you.
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Ford Theatre Reunion – Bone Mother — 7 Comments

  1. This would be a fun band to see live!
    What am I saying? I just did see them live!
    Rock on CouchByCouchWest!

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