Friends of CXCW

modcabinRound The Mod Cabin are purveyors of premium beard care products and are the sponsors of our Beardliest Beard & Mustachliest Mustache contest. Their products are 100% natural – no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic dyes, all of which have been linked to negative effects like skin sensitivity, neurotoxicity, and cancer. The Mod Cabin has been featured in Esquire, Outdoors, and Men’s Journal. Head on over there for all your facial grooming needs, and tell ’em we sent ya!



LustyWhen listening to music and watching videos, you obviously need snacks. That’s where Lusty Monk Mustard comes in. Lusty Monk is a family-owned, quality-conscious company, devoted to the idea that condiments should never be boring. All of the CXCW staff can vouch for their damn good (and spicy!) mustard. And thongs. Lusty Monk is back for a second year of couch sponsorship. Indulge. Repent. Repeat.



howlingmonkey_logo_stacked Based in Rochester, NY, Howling Monkey Guitar Picks makes high quality, hand made, all natural guitar picks from Tagua Nut. Tagua Nut is a natural, environmentally sustainable substance found in South America (Ecuador/Columbia). The tagua nuts are harvested through a coalition employing over 1800 native Ecuadorians providing good income that would normally not be there without this import. Unlike wood guitar picks that require manufacturers to harvest entire trees, tagua nut picks are environmentally friendly–we’re just picking the fruit. And since tagua nuts grow on trees, there’s no need to harm animals like horn, bone and hoof guitar pick producers may do. These picks have been featured in Guitar World and Premium Guitar magazines, and whose devotees include Matthew Hendershot of CXCW alum The End Men. Who would have thought that you would learn something so interesting at CXCW 2014?



Americana Rock MixThe Americana Rock Mix is a weekly podcast featuring new music from mainstream and independent artists in the Americana (music) genre. The show is hosted by Von and is occasionally co-hosted with various friends whom are also musicians. Released each Thursday morning, the episodes are generally one hour in length and feature Von premiering a large playlist of new music and sometimes discussing things in his personal life. Based out of Bradenton, Florida, the show is heard by music fans around the world.


CFRCountry Fried Rock is a a one-hour, weekly radio road trip that features exciting off-the-radar artists talking about, and playing, the music that moves them. Hosted and produced by Sloane Spencer, CFR features a range of musicians, from legendary veterans like James McMurtry, to newcomers playing clubs and sleeping on couches. Each episode features an in-depth conversation that explores motivations, fears and victories as America’s truest musical artists unpack their own tunes and the songs that inspire them. The sounds may range from bluegrass to indie-rock, but the heart beats true.



LCRLast Chance Records is an indie record label based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Many of their artists have performed for CXCW. Check out their website for CDs, vinyl, other merch, and some free downloads, from CXCW artists like Austin Lucas, Two Cow Garage, and Glossary.



1358796592_logoChad Cochran is not only an excellent singer/song-writer and two time CXCW alumni (2012 and 2013), but he is also an accomplished landscape photographer. Chad has generously donated a print to our prize pool. Check out Chad Cochran Photography and make sure to follow him on Instagram.



Fugative ArtFugitive Art is the art studio of Karl Haglund. Karl specializes in guitar paintings, folk art, cityscapes, and other abstract expressionism. Based in Iowa, Karl learned about painting from his mother. You can buy prints from Karl via his Etsy page. Karl has generously donated two prints to this year’s CXCW prize pool. Check his art out on Facebook and Twitter.



WDVXWDVX 89.9FM is an independent listener supported radio station out of Knoxville, TN who is fighting the good fight to keep good music piping through your radio box. You can stream WDVX online, and we are big fans of Tennessee Shines and their Blue Plate Special series of videos.


TIAMAs This is American Music says “We are a record label: digital and physical, band management, marketing, hand holding, best friend, lover of dogs and old people, BBQ parties, rock and/or roll…facilitators in the deep, dark, dirty South.” They are also huge supporters of CXCW. They have some sweet deals on digital downloads from some of your favorite CXCW artists, like Joey Kneiser, The District Attorneys, The Pollies, Some Dark Holler, and 13ghosts.



Yer BirdYer Bird Records is an independent label dedicated to the art of great folk and folk-inspired music. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Yer Bird is a tremendous supporter of CXCW. Several of their artists have participated in past festivals including Pickering Pick, Greater Pacific, John Statz, and Hezekia Jones.