Gangnam Couch

TL Haiku 3


Gabe Booze Phone

@GabeWooton’s iPhone was acting funky, but he fixes it! “SUCCESS! It was thirsty! Maybe next year I can do a @couchxcouchwest tech segment “



@EyesLikeBirds says, “Meowzebub loves the #CXCW2015 logo but wants to know why there aren’t more cat videos.” Good question, Meowzebub.


CelestialBlue set up

CelestialBlueMusic (@CBlueMusic) sent us a photo of her video set up. Her video for “I Heart Planet Earth” premiered on Saturday.


AfterThot Haiku

Not exactly a hikau….but close enough.



@toomuchcountry says, “Pumpkin is worn slap out from today’s great lineup but muttered frequently ‘just too many hounds…'”



Via @magnolia_co: “@couchxcouchwest & Friday night excitements. Day jobs require catch up. Is that a haiku? (Nope) #CXCW “


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