Gina and Dusty – Leather Winged Bat

From a kombucha bar in Boulder, Colorado, we have Gina & Dusty, Gina Andreucci and Dusty Rider, with a banjo fiddle duet on “Leather Winged Bay.” They tell us:

Dusty and I have been playing around Boulder, CO, for the past four years or so. We each have our own projects, and Dusty tours quite a bit with the Railsplitters and Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer, but we still find the time to get together and work up weird ballads. This one in particular is called “Leather Winged Bat,” a traditional English folk song about birds (and a bat) and their different advice for courtship. We took it from a few different interpretations and made it our own. We are playing at the bar at Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha in Boulder, because weird folk tunes and kombucha on tap go hand-in-hand.

Yes, we had to Google kombucha too.
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