Irish Showcase: Gráinne Hunt – Lilacs in June, featuring Lorcán O’Dwyer

We’re always happy to have talented Gráinne Hunt at CXCW, so we’re thrilled to see her multiple times this year. Tony Fitz tells us, “Gráinne went to college with my better half, Catherine (who, incidentally is the person behind the shooting of all our CXCW videos), and while this is her third year submitting to CXCW, it’s the first year we’ve managed to get her out to Pickering for a video. She’s working on her debut EP at the moment, which can’t come out soon enough if you ask me. Lorcan O’Dwyer, who’s far too talented for someone so young, came along to play double bass with her on ‘Lilacs In June’.”
Gráinne on Facebook

Lorcán O’Dwyer on Facebook

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