Hannah Thomas – Fault Line

Hannah Thomas says, “I’ve been touring the country for the last few years, and I am well acquainted with couches. I released my latest EP, Carousel on Fire, on Friday, March 13, 2015. The album was produced by Don Dixon with percussion by Jim Brock. These guys are both titans and heroes of mine. However, this song has neither of them on it – and is not on the album. However, it IS unreleased and one that I’m particularly fond of…”

“If anyone would like to hear some more music, I’m giving away a free live 13-track recording for anyone that shoots me an email here: freehtmusic at gmail.com”

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Hannah Thomas – Fault Line — 4 Comments

  1. Love it! Hannah sings and plays with such grit and heart. This is a great follow-up to her recent EP release, “Carousel on Fire”. Hope to catch her at a show in my area before too long.

  2. This young woman is the whole package. If she doesn’t make it to the “big time”, I will be surprised. Yes. That is a bold call, but just wait and see. Have seen her perform 4 times. She has wonderful stage presence, but most importantly,she is a wonderful songwriter with a kick ass voice. If you get an opportunity to see her, my advice is GO!

  3. Hannah’s music sounds better everytime I hear her. Ok, I’m hooked, and now she is pulling at my heart strings with Fault Line, and the album The Rest is yet to Come. Do yourself a favor and get it!! Better yet, go see her play!!!!

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