Hecktor Pecktor – Faux Five Oh & Fiddler’s Grave

Hecktor Pecktor from Boise, Idaho, bring us some steel guitar and twangin’ honkytonk with their song “Faux Five Oh.” If that don’t make you want to drink and two-step, then we don’t know what will.

Here they are again with a howlin’ spooky tune called “Fiddler’s Grave” about a triple murder in Placerville, Iadoho, in the mid 19th century.

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Hecktor Pecktor – Faux Five Oh & Fiddler’s Grave — 11 Comments

  1. Hecktor Pector is great. I wish that I lived closer. I would not miss a performance.

  2. Hi Guys, We like them all… Can’t wait for August to come around, hopefully we will see you then. Terry and Tammy

  3. Having kicked a few drums in the ditch with that “Steel Guitar” Player…I can understand the “Flow” of a Fine Group like “Hector Pecktor”.
    Keep Playing!

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  5. That steel guitar guy is my dad!! – You guys are all great – but love that steel guitar guy!!

  6. See what a whole lot of talent and a few years of hard work can do? Great music! 🙂

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