Holly Furlone – Ode to Jiggers

Of this beautiful, transportive song, Holly Furlone of Plymouth, New Hampshire says:

“Jiggers” was the name of a pub, and a second home of sorts for many, here in downtown Plymouth, NH. I spent many a night playing pool, rolling cigarettes–just to look cool, of course. Rarely did I smoke them :)– and staying out until the barkeep snapped on the lights and turned up Frank Sinatra. I wrote this song a few months ago, reflecting on some of the adventures I’ve had so far, the places I’ve been, though never thought I’d see, and yet feeling like I’d give anything to jump back to those days where all we had to do was walk down the hill to find the time of our lives. Just last month I got together with a couple of friends (Jim Tyrrell and Rafael Puga) and we recorded this one as a track for the album we entered into the 2014 RPM Challenge.

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Holly Furlone – Ode to Jiggers — 3 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed this; it plugs me into the memories of a now-defunct establishment up in the mountains of southern California that was my second home for several years in younger days. Thanks.

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