Irish Showcase: Tony Fitz – The Murder

Last year, multi-talented Tony Fitz organized a fantastic Irish Showcase for CXCW, and we are so lucky to have him do it again for us this year. Says Tony:

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been the front of house/production manager for Homebeat. We organise house concerts, bringing bands into people’s living rooms for gigs that have a more intimate feel than seeing the same acts in a venue.

So, I talked to some of the acts we’ve had play at Homebeat gigs, and got them onboard for CXCW performances in the old country home of a friend who generously lets me use one of the rooms in the house to record and rehearse. Here’s the results, along with a little intro from Homebeat founder/creative director/booker/spiritual leader, Emmet Condon…it’s a really eclectic mix of music that sums up the diversity of talent we’re so lucky to work with…

Emmet says:

First up, we have Tony Fitz himself:

For my own submission I’m premiering the opening track of my forthcoming EP, which was written as the musical narration for an (as yet unmade) animated Western short. The animation is a long term project, but I didn’t want to have to wait for that to be finished before releasing the music. Not wanting to put the music out without the visual element though, I’ll be releasing the EP with a comic book instead of a standard CD case.

You can read more about it here:

This song kills. (Punny, and also true.)
Tony Fitz on Facebook

Tony adds: “You might also have noticed CXCW 2013 alumni Gráinne Hunt, and Sarah and Simon of Red Sail playing with me this this year.”

CXCW 2013:
Tony Fitz – Under the Oak Tree
Gráinne Hunt – I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You (Tom Waits cover)
Red Sail – Sailing Song


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