Irish Showcase: Willow Sea – Dying Starts

While this may not be part of the Irish selections that Tony Fitz put together, we wanted to include the next two videos in the Irish showcase to demonstrate not only the diversity of the music coming out of Ireland these days, but also to feature artists in several geographical locations around the island.

Willow Sea is the nom-de-music of Galway-based Will O’Connor. Will explains:

This is a work in progress, there’s rather lovely lady vocals being added to it at the moment, which is where the title comes from. Do excuse the suckiness of the guitar solo at the end. And my phone recording the video out of sync at the start. In case anyone’s wondering, the percussion sounds are pre-prepared loops, everything else is recorded live using a Keith McMillen SoftStep to control various loopers and tracks in Ableton Live. I recorded the audio in Live and used that instead of the crappy audio from my phone.

The guitar solo is not “sucky” at all. You rule, Willow. And you know what, we have nothing better to do on a Friday night either, except we use computers, not guitars.
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