James Scott Bullard – Hellbound Blues

James Scott Bullard is a dude, a dude I would like to have a drink with, a dude that writes some killer tunes, a dude I am not saying I am not kind of afraid of. He wrote 20 songs for his upcoming record, 10 of them made the cut, “Hellbound Blues,” did not. Mr Bullard says that “Hellbound Blues” is an ode to Jimmie Rodgers’ country blues style. He claims this was the first time he’s ever recorded anything from bed, full clothed and alone. James Scott Bullard, you are the man I hope to be one day!

James Scott Bullard
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James Scott Bullard – Hellbound Blues — 13 Comments

  1. Do you wanna join Red Neckromancer? If not can we at least hang out? Be pen pals?

  2. I got to know JSB when I featured him on Country Fried Rock a few years ago, but we’ve become real life friends, too. He’s a great guy, great songwriter, and yes, I want him on my side in a fight, but I know he’s got my back. He’s the best dude around & totally WYSIWYG.

  3. Fell in love with this fella’s music about 2 years ago…amazing songwriter! Scott has written MANY, MANY songs and they are all remarkable. And I just have to say that his stage presence…well hell, I can’t take my eyes off of him!

  4. After all these years, you still manage to rock my Aussie butt. You so funny. Killer Danzig and Maiden garglin’ man. I can buy you new drawers too! πŸ˜‰

  5. im here to like the song well cuz i like the dang thang and well scott to cuz well he is my friend idk why but he is…lol good luck my friend can u get rich already cuz i need some money….lol

  6. That hat is putting in serious work son! Enjoyed this….love ya bro.

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