Jeanette Lynne – Bloodhound

Spirited singer-songwriter Jeanette Lynne of West Chester, Pennsylvania, is making her third appearance at CXCW, and she’s clearly moving up in the world. Her first performance was recorded in a bathroom, the second came from her floor while she was on a break from work, but now she’s playing an original tune for us while sitting on actual furniture! Jeannette gives shout-outs again to Popatunes and Bluejay and is proud to show off her CXCW beer coozie.

Jeanette Lynne at Bandcamp
Jeanette Lynne on YouTube
Jeanette Lynne on Facebook
Jeanette Lynne on Instagram

Jeanette is making this performance available for free download from her Soundcloud.

CXCW 2013: Ho Hey
CXCW 2011: Get Over Yourself


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