Jerry David DeCicca – Before The Storm

Jerry David DeCicca is the front man for The Black Swans. Jerry has a solo record coming out very shortly and features the like of some awesome artists including Will and Spooner Oldham, Kelly Deal and a bunch more. The record was recorded primarily in London and Columbus, Ohio. “Before the Storm” is off his upcoming record, and this recording features Sven Kahns on electric guitar, Eve Searls on tambourine and backing vocals, and Butters the cat.



Jerry David DeCicca – Before The Storm — 4 Comments

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  2. Quite a Cohen sound there, and not in a copying way.

    I’m seeing this three days late and no one has mentioned the sideburns? Maybe I’m just superficial and notice things like that, but Sven is a little Starsky-like, too. Or Hutch. Whichever was which

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