Jessika and Cline Jones – We’re All The Same

This may be the sweetest thing that you will see this year at CXCW. One of the things that’s so much fun about this on-line festival is getting to watch the younger musicians every year. At 11-years-old, this is Jessika’s third CXCW submission. Yes folks, she submitted her first video at age 9! After recent sleepovers with friends from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and families, Jessika realized that though they all appeared to look different, they shared many things in common including: little girl fears, love of friends, family, and god, and living in America today. With the help of her father Cline, she worked to express her feelings in her song, “We’re All the Same.” She had a lot of fun putting this video together for CXCW 2015, and hope you enjoy it! And how cute is her puppy?
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Jessika and Cline Jones – We’re All The Same — 1 Comment

  1. Great job girl! You make Alabama proud! Great writing and what a great example you set! We are all the same on the inside! Keep writing!

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