JG Stott – After The Flood / Stolen Cars

JG Stott returns to CXCW with two wonderful performances that we will let him explain in his own words:

“After the Flood” was written in response to the massive flooding in Lyons, CO, last September, which devastated our town. Pam Smith Browning (bass), Brian Eyster (dobro) myself and pretty much every other resident of our town was evacuated for over two months while basic services were restored. Over 300 people have not returned because their homes are lost or too damaged to repair. There’s a link at the end of the video that leads to a website with more info on the flooding and recovery efforts. Hope you don’t mind my leveraging the couch for a good cause.

The second song, “Stolen Cars,” is a classic ‘boy meets girl, thinks things are good, then ends up homeless and incarcerated’ story. I love happy endings. And mustard.

“After the Flood”

“Stolen Cars,”


CXCW 2013: Remember When


JG Stott – After The Flood / Stolen Cars — 3 Comments

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  2. This is really great. Congratulations, and thanks for making it. can we use this on a disc at the Museum? LaVern 303823 5925

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