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John Radcliff from Parkersburg, West Virginia, returns with a song about the recent chemical spill into the Elk River in West Virginia by Freedom Industries. We’ll let John explain in his own words:

With the recent poisoning of the water supply in Charleston, WV, I felt like writing a song that touched on that and the other problems associated with Coal and Chemicals. Like we can’t do better than that, binding ourselves to these industries and not investing in anything that would diversify our opportunities. Including our residents.

Award Ribbon Small 2014 Award Winner – Best Song with a Message
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John Radcliff – Company Song — 12 Comments

  1. John, really enjoying this poignant and timely original. I believe I may have missed a few lines so if you could provide lyrics I would love to know exactly what you are singing.

  2. Hey Sean, here ya go:

    Our company is a god and our god is owned by companies. They use the bottom line to justify almost anything. The company store, they know that there’s blood on that money the blood that keeps running. They’re loan sharking whores. Paying us with our own money and raising the prices everyday. And we just take it cuz we like to play.

    The hill’s alive with fire, blow it up and flatten everything. Push it over the side fill the valley high and wash away. No hope for the poor. The men that throw fuel on the fire are taking it higher. Throw it away. Yeah we can all go to hell cuz no one’s gonna save the day.

    When nothing’s left to take from the ground. All dried up and that was the death of this town. When poverty’s all that’s left to go round
    sold tomorrow to save our today
    the company took all that we could pay
    the company’s gone and there’s nothing left to save

    The water’s sweet it’s a taste we can’t eat and it’s in everything. Guinea pigs in a cage it’s okay but baby stay away. Don’t go underground there’s only death down there the coal filled air. Don’t make a sound. Don’t make us choose between death or a life of living without.

  3. This is great, John. Gave me chills. I’m right up the road in Athens. Met several “water refugees” who had come up to Athens for water and such during the spill. Love the song.

  4. Great tune John. This is a topic that needs attention and your song hits the mark.

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