Kate and Julia – Rope (Foo Fighters cover)

Kate and Julia are long-time friends and band-mates (in the Catfish Noodlers) from Baltimore. They come to us covering – and, dare we say, improving on – the Foo Fighters’ “Rope.”

They didn’t share any links with us, so if you like them, you’ll have to hunt them down.


Kate and Julia – Rope (Foo Fighters cover) — 5 Comments

  1. This is absolutely amazing! Such talent makes this song ten times more beautiful than it already is! Pure brilliance ladies! ????

  2. Thanks for the lovely post, April,and for the kind and supportive comments! The reason we don’t have a link: This is the first and only recording that exists of us at this time – we are just starting out. Our next goal is to start writing originals, which will be posted on the same youtube channel as this video.

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