Lifetime Achievement Award – Corey Hannah

Okay, so three years in may be a little early for a Lifetime Achievement Award, but hey, did anyone really think we’d last this long when we started that tumblr account oh so long ago?

This award goes to someone who has sacrificed many nights and weekends over the last three years to get the music of his hometown (the Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL area) to the CXCW masses. This year he was scheduling video shoots before we had even updated the dates on the website. That’s someone who cares about the music. If our math is correct, there have been 8 different artists/bands with a total of 13 videos who we might never had heard of were it not for Corey Hannah and his great videographer skills. We’re going to post a few of our favorites below, and if you like what you see, also check out Live From the Shoals, another project that Corey is involved with.

Thank you Corey for all the music you’ve brought us and we’re looking forward to what surprises next year brings!

The Pyles – CXCW 2013

The Pollies – CXCW 2013

The Bear

Doc Dailey – CXCW 2011


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