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I can already tell that kid, yeah I know you see him, all comfy in his seat, has seen some shit. Manitoba Rock n Rolla is from the lovely city of Irvine, Kentucky, which is most well known from their annual Mountain Mushroom Festival on the last weekend in April. Apparently, MRnR are kind of big deals, the will be part of the soundtrack for the film Four Color Eulogy, and have two EP’s coming out sometime, Si: Manitoba followed by Six Redlight Morning. You can grab their previous EP, Holy Toledo! wherever finer records are downloaded.

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Manitoba Rock n Rolla – Foundlife — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting our video. And that’s my tired boy in the background. lol. He usually sings every word to this song and even has it on his leap pad. It was just a little too late in the day for him to serve as a rhythm guitarist. Either way, thanks for checking out our video (for those of you who checked it out) and we hope you’ll look us up and check out some of our other stuff. We are very appreciative and thankful. To the folks of Couch by Couchwest; Keep up the great work.

  2. Whoa! I can totally see it. But, even as a big fan of Raising Arizona I ensure you, I had my kid the legal way. I can only dream of having Nicolas Cage 80’s hair at this point in life.

  3. These guys are awesome. As good of musicians as they are they’re even better people. I don’t get their desire to be Canadian though. Keep on jammin.

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