Mark Kirkland – Southern Wind/Talking to Crows

CXCW regular contributor, steadfast fan, and kind person Mark Kirkland has this to say, “Happy Fifth Anniversary Couch By CouchWest!!! All of you that work so hard to put this together, I am forever grateful to you. Since I first submitted to Couch By CouchWest in 2013 my life has changed in very good ways. I have met amazing people and released an EP (Guided Spirit) and a full length album (For Your aMUSEment), all that and after the age of 50! You never know what you will accomplish if you don’t put yourself out there. Thanks for fueling the fires. This is a new song called ‘Southern Wind.’ It is about my southern roots. Hope you enjoy. I cut off the very end in the edit. You miss 2 chords and a ‘Thank You.'”

Mark gives us a second 2015 performance with a song I feel personally attached to as it started with a link I shared on Twitter about a wonderful true story. Says Mark, “This is a New song I wrote after hearing the podcast ‘The Bittersweet Life’ tell a story about a little girl and her special relationship with crows. I call this song ‘Talking to Crows.’ I hope you enjoy it.”
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