Merrin Karas – Without Warning

Merrin Karas sent us this bio:

Coming ’round that James River bend is Merrin Karas, the Richmond, Virginia, band that rocks, but doesn’t quite rock hard enough. Last year we presented a nice, slick video that we wanted to repeat again since the chicks seem to dig it, but that didn’t happen. As Scruffy would say, it came down to a “schedulin’ conflict” with our video guy. So we decided to go with the crappy iPhone recording that was strongly encouraged by our awesome CXCW hosts; because ‘Murica. It’s the debut of a new song called “Without Warning;” the video is as lousy as it is brilliant.

New EP coming soon, we swear.

Nice job boys! iPhone videos rule!

Merrin Karas on Facebook

CXCW 2013: All Through the Night


Merrin Karas – Without Warning — 2 Comments

  1. Love the song!

    but ………

    hear anything but the drums 🙁

    Iphones records very well as long as you don’t place it directly on top of the drum set. I can’t

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