Michael Rank and Stag – Coming Hard

Possibly one of the busiest men/groups in rock n’ roll, Michael Rank and Stag, are back this year with a track off of his most excellent 2013 release, Mermaids. He’s released three records within the past two years, Kin, Mermaids, In the Weeds and is releasing his 4th record in May entitled Deadstock. Common wisdom would tell you that there would have to be some kind of drop off in quality when releasing as many records in such a short time frame as he has, but Rank has given a big “screw you” to said wisdom. All three of those releases are golden and definitely need to be heard.

Award Ribbon Small 2014 Award Winner – Best Lo-Fi Video

Michael Rank on Facebook

CXCW 2013: Bring You Up


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